Herro Group insurance consultants is a brokerage insurance company that was build in 2000. It is registered in the commercial register under the number 4062 and has a license from the ministry of commerce under the number of 233. Its line of business consists of selling insurance contracts dealing with the biggest insurance companies and offering to customers the best services at the lowest prices.


Our motto is “Pay the claims immediately after accidents”. Our customer is a friend not a client.

Our aim is to serve our clients through an organized and highly motivated team that focuses on our customers’ needs.


The president of Herro group is Mr. Fadi Georges Herro, seasoned in the field, and well known for his integrity and credibility and the power to pay claims as soon as they happen especially for big accidents.


What sets us apart:

First: we pay accident claims as soon as they happen

Second: we offer coverage no one could offer:

-in case of fire: the electric clause is not required

-in full coverage: no exceptions and no restrictions on the choice of repair shops

-in health coverage: golden contract full coverage


  • حرو غروب هي شركة وساطة تأمين تأسست سنة٢٠٠٠ وهي عضو في نقابة وسطاء التأمين تحمل الرخصة رقم ٤٠٦٢ في وزارة الاقتصاد و هي عضو في مجموعة حرو التجارية
  • تقدم الشركة أفضل الخدمات التأمينية والمالية في كافة المناطق اللبنانية
  • تؤمن الخدمة لأكثر من ٧٠٠٠ مؤمن وذلك بالتعاون مع أضخم وأهم شركات التأمين في لبنان
  • تعدت قيمة تأميناتها السارية المفعول مبلغ المليون ونصف دولار أميركي حتى نهاية عام ٢٠١١